Be like animals…

new risky01 (2) (6) (1)  I always felt close to animals. Being around them just makes me happy and at peace. The stable is my place of calm. I was a crazy horse girl growing up and had some amazingly deep experiences. Particularly with my lovely race-horse ‘My Rosy’. A sad, damaged young mare which I brought back to life.

I appreciate the humblest contact, watching a bird that sits by my window, curiously peeking in, seeing rabbits on the lawn, a deer, foxes, badgers… ok no, badgers can be nasty little f*ckers :-P. But I even can communicate with fish in tanks and crabs on the beach (uhm, people think I’m crazy when I do that but..). Indeed I feel a soul connection to animals. They don’t need any limiting ideologies. They do not need to suppress their instincts and impulses. They can simply be, just be alive and live for the moment. Animals vibrate on the earth’s own frequency. They can see the real me.
With this I mean the raw, pure source within. The instincts and inner awareness that makes us sense and feel out our environment. In fact, I am quite overly aware. I literally can sense what people feel and what they will do next. My sense of smell is pretty phenomenal as well…which can be rather annoying at times as most things don’t really smell that good…

Anyway, understanding the source within makes us connect to our higher consciousness. It is our inner tiger or lion that makes us behave like noble creatures. That makes us survivers. To me this means to keep a strong physique, mental alertness and to understand that artificial medicine, alcohol and shitty foods are really bad for our bodies. I connect to my inner animal to be a natural hunter, a very modern hunter, hunting for achievements, fulfillment, new challenges, hot guys… ehm yeah, where are they hiding these days (?)

Animals sense your vibe. Dogs often come right up to me, turn themselves around and sit on my foot. Seriously, all of them do that. So many people notice that, that their doggy wants to come over, just to sit on my feet. I’m sure Cesar Milan would say “I make the dogs feel calm and collected”. Animals feel energy so well and this is also why they so often sense that a lot of people have really bad energy. The kind of bad vibes that I feel myself when surrounded by certain people, so I know what these dogs are going through. Animals suffer a great deal being around negative, unstable energy. Do you know how it feels for an animal to be around people that severely abuse narcotics or alcohol? It’s hell for them! The horrible vibe is pain to them. It breaks my heart when I see the fear and pain on their cute little faces. It is not a human right to own dogs (or children for that matter).

It is often low vibed, ignorant people that jump right up to an animal and rudely invade its space. Without invitation. The animal may try to get away, but when they are tied up or entrapped, they cannot escape this person and obviously try to defend themselves.  Hell, I would. Those people are so disconnected from the good, universal frequency as one can get.

So remember your animal self. Imitate your feline, be carefree like your doggy.

Oh, and girls! You really need to connect to your predator instinct. Look at female tigers, lions, even dogs and cats… all the females can defend themselves physically. They don’t whimper “oh please don’t hurt me”. They growl, they bite and claw. The urban jungle can be a most dangerous place. Can YOU kick ass?


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