Some night-time thoughts about… trains :-)


Trains… they give me a certain feeling… memories, associations… they bring me back to my childhood. The swishing sound of a passing train in the distance… coming and fading again, at night when all is quiet and you listen to the silence. As I so often did. Thinking, imagining, wondering about those that take the journey at night, from one place to another. There is something about trains, the speed, the hypnotic beat, the echo… leaving me with emotions, visions, longings.. and the wish to be somewhere else.

I love riding the train. Looking out of the window into endless and green European landscapes. Green hills, passing an isolated farmhouse here and there, seeing grazing horses, sheep, cows… occasionally spotting a person inbetween the fields, walking the dog in the rain. And I imagine how those people live in the houses we see from the train, what their life is like. My mind is drifting as we pass green landscapes with soft hills and dark forests… as I watch deer, hares and flocks of birds resting on the meadows. In the distance there are sleepy villages, the towers of their churches rising high above, and I wonder what it would be like to live there, in such a secluded place, how everyday life is like there for the people… Are they happy there? Could any of those old villages be my true home? Would I feel ‘this is it, my true home, I found it, here I can stay for good…!’ Or would I only find terrible loneliness? I don’t seem to feel at home anywhere…

And the most intense longing comes over me when I see the occasional castle in the distance, throning high above, yet hidden behind trees and the shadows of time… glowing in the low light of a sinking sun… just lingering there, dormant, in the twilight. Silently, yet majestically, it seems to beg us to remember the centuries past. Oh how I love to see the castles. In my mind I see the times gone by, the times when the castle was alive, a home to many people. I see their joys and their struggles… confined to a stone-cold prison they could not escape from. And now within the mighty walls it is empty and still. They are only filled with ghosts and memories…

And the train rushes on, because the train is on a mission. It carries us softly to our destination. What a metaphor the train truly is. It represents our spiritual journey. Because our whole life is indeed an endless train ride. We are moving forward, eagerly, sometimes impatiently, waiting for the ride to end, to arrive at our desired destination. We pass station after station, and we get off to seek out a new place, a new experience. At each station we find new passengers, waiting for their next train to roll in that will take them to their next desired stop. We may hang around at a station for a while and we meet other hopeful people… people that wait to move on… to pursue their next opportunity, their new love, their big dream, their hopes, their desires… and some might take the same train as you and travel with you as good friends. And some might travel far with you on your journey. But often, you will part again… somewhere at a new station and you will say farewell for good.

And so we all ride the train to all our different stops, but in the end, we are all heading speed on to the very same final destination. So be sure to appreciate your journey and all the little moments you experience within… (c) 2015 missAmey  – shesRisky

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