A sarcastic short story about our cynical society. Girls! Read!

cropped-cropped-win_20181115_18_48_54_pro-2-3.jpg   The Last Thoughts Of Suzy Sue

Her day started like any other day this particular morning. Young Suzy Sue stood in front of the mirror… brushing her hair, putting on her make-up… getting ready for school just like any other morning… Mum was already downstairs waiting with breakfast. Now she is shouting from the kitchen, telling Suzy to hurry up, or otherwise she would be late for school. Her friend Steff had already arrived and she was waiting in the hall by the door, waiting for Suzy to come down. Suzy took a final look in the mirror before she hastily jumped down the stairs, and went into the kitchen to grab a quick bite from her sandwich before rushing out of the door…

Steff and Suzy were laughing and chatting on their way to school, they were terribly excited. Tonight was the great concert down town, their favourite band was playing and they had really good tickets. It was an early October day, the leaves were falling to the moist ground, a cool wind was blowing, but the teens ignored all that. They were too busy thinking about the show. The school hours passed very slow,it seemed today’s classes were never ending. The girls were impatient and restless, they were dying to get home, to get ready for the big night out. Finally only 10 minutes to go and they couldn’t wait to put on their jackets.

That Friday afternoon Suzy was upstairs in her room, tearing all her dresses out of the closet, trying on each one to find the best fit. After all she wanted to look great tonight. She then started to style her hair. Suzy was so very happy, she was carefree and unaware. Suzy thought the world was a safe place. She was a lovely girl, a good girl, she learned to look pretty, she never learned the art of fight. She never felt her wild cat inside… Did you not know, Suzy, that life is about survival? Did you not know that there are fucked-up minds out there who jealously want to destroy a precious life like yours? No Suzy didn’t think about things like that, her world was rosy.

Evening was finally approaching, the concert was at 8pm. She was supposed to meet Steff and the other teens from her class by the main entrance. There was a bus driving right by her house that would stop almost directly by the concert hall, so Suzy decided to ride the bus into town. Right before leaving she decided to change her tights and she went running back into her room, thus she started to run a little late. Damn, she was not going to make the next bus.

She had to wait for the next one. Quite stressed out, she made her way to the bus stop and she waved her mother good-bye as she swiftly rushed out into the garden. Luckily the next bus came quickly. She was a little nervous as she sat there on the bus, and she took her little mirror from her bag, doing her final make-up touch up’s… and already she was downtown, and she had to get off the next bus stop. Surely Steff and the rest of the gang were already there waiting for her by the entrance.

She leaped from the bus and walked quickly, awkwardly, in her new high-heeled shoes. She just had to cross that little path here by the park and around the corner… when suddenly from behind the bushes a shadow emerged and she was forcefully grabbed and pulled to the ground. Suzy didn’t understand at first what had happened, she did not expect that. There were no other people walking by, nobody witnessed what was happening to her, nobody heard her screams.

Her vile attacker could do with her as he pleased. She was just another helpless victim after all that never learned to defend her life, so this surely was no fair game. She was at the mercy of this worthless man-creep and he felt like taking her youthful body and precious life away from her, because it was so much more worth than his miserable existence…

Poor Suzy Sue as she lay there with his hands around her throat… and her last thoughts were sorrowful. How she never would go to that concert, never grow up, never experience love and never see her mother again. Her life was over… mercilessly she was robbed of her youth, of her future, all because the authorities, the justice system and therapists didn’t bother to lock up this perverted creep in time, even though they all knew that he was capable of such a crime…

Oh Suzy! Had you only realised sooner that life is not all rosy, that you must guard yourself, that our safe society is cynical and not quite just. Don’t you wish now you had learned a little about living, don’t you wish you were prepared…? And now you lie all naked on the ground, not a pretty sight, another innocent young woman that they will bury and that they will forget. But oh, the man who did this deed, he will have his trial and he will be defended and protected, his deeds will be excused, his parents will be blamed, yet oddly, those parents will never be brought to justice either… and he will go to an institution for the insane, where he will be good taken care of. And while you rest cold and forgotten in your grave, your murderer will get a second chance at life, and he will be unleashed into the crowd. And soon another Suzy Sue will come walking his way…

Oh, yes, in a society like ours, forgiving and nice, sweet angels like Suzy Sue are expected to pay the price. So dear good girls, hear my words and learn a lesson from Suzy Sue and her pitiful demise:

Life is not supposed to be lived in carefree apathy. life is a jungle, life is a gamble… but they never teach you that in school

so learn to be cunning, learn to be wise

a nasty looser might lurk around the corner and he yearns to snuff out your life

so be alert and be prepared when you walk at night.

Bring your weapon, your speed and your skills to fight…

throw the dice and let him know…

it is YOU who has the right to live… and he the one to die!


(c) copyright – miss A. Mey  2009

Featured in the book ‘Thief In The Night’ #shesrisky  #thiefinthenight

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