Listen to your inner voice (and not necessarily to your parents or friends) :-P

next8 (2)  This is the most important thing you will ever learn; Trust your instincts! Your inner voice is the one that tells you what you truly want… and what you don’t want. Listening to your inner voice is the key to finding the answers you are looking for. All answers lie within because indeed the real inner us is connected to the ’great out there’… Source. We are particles within the universe, we are light, we are energy. Indeed we are made of star material. We are connected to the great mystery of life, and thus the universe around us is talking through us. Often, sadly, we do not listen to that inner voice, because the socially restricted people around us get to us first with their so called “good advice”. Our parents, family and friends with their (very often) limited and negative opinions; formal education, social rules, religious restrictions… all get in the way of truly listening to the precious inner voice. We obey social rules made up by people who absolutely did NOT listen to their inner voice. Rules that are more meant to ’keep you in place’, not happy. Rules that say you should not or you cannot do what you really want. The narrow minded and fearful people in particular always have an opinion. Just look into the comment sections everywhere online. They say you CAN’T, you mustn’t.

They try to influence you to do the ’right’ thing, often making you unsure and thus stopping you from getting ahead in life. Often we find, we have a gut feeling, a restless sensation, like butterflies in our stomach, and we know what it wants, but we choose to ignore it anyway. I ignored my very strong inner feelings plenty of times in the past, just to not offend or upset anyone. You know that feeling when you hang out with friends you don’t really feel like hanging out with because they make you uncomfortable or make you feel shitty, but you just don’t know why? So you just continue to hang out with them anyway because you cannot find a good enough ‘logical’ reason not to…

Or let’s say you are stuck in a career or in a relationship that everyone around you claims is ‘just so right for you’, but on the inside, you feel really miserable? Or you date a new guy and all your friends say that he is so awesome and you really should get serious with this guy, but everything inside you screams ’get out now… something is wrong’ and you feel like running, but you won’t, because you don’t want to offend, disappoint or make them get angry at you? Or you meet a stranger who really gives you the creeps, but you remain put and polite, just to not be seen as rude…?

What happens then is that you basically make yourself suffer because you don’t dare to get out of the situation. You ignore your most important instinct of self-preservation. When you finally can’t stand the horrid or miserable feeling anymore, and you tell those individuals how you feel, they always want answers: Why, why this?  Why don’t you want this? Explain yourself! So you try to give them a logical explanation because you feel guilty. But here is the truth; we do not need to excuse how we feel inside.

Always trust your instincts! If your inner self tells you something is not right for you, act on it. No explanation, no false politeness to please someone else’s will or insecurity. Say out straight away “I’m sorry, but this is not for me”. And if your folks and friends don’t respect that, move on and find new friends that do. Yay! 😛

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