Smile! Improve your day… :-)


next19    I just love everyday life. Walking in the city, going to a café to write, looking through shop windows, padding cute dogs that pass me by, enjoying the sun or the rain, watching people, looking at beautiful old houses, lovely trees, the sky…. there is always something new to discover when you just remain aware and look out for it. And when I go out into the streets I like to smile at people. Not only to be polite, but because I like to do it. I like to think that I might improve someone’s day by doing so. We all like it when strangers just make our day. I also like to smile at people to get a smile back. In this way I find a smile is not only a nice gesture, but it also is an empowering tool. It raises your good vibrations. When you smile at people they want to help you, they give you good service, they treat you with respect. When I throw a charming smile at random guys in the street, they give me a shy smile back and make me feel good. Sometimes I see people in the streets and they appear low-spirited or discouraged… probably because their life is not that good and when I smile at them I just feel I gave them something to be happy about. Somebody noticed them and gave them a kind gesture. Everybody wants to be seen 🙂 . And it is sooo important to give a kind smile to children and young girls and boys. One never knows if they have a rough time at home… so a friendly smile really can make a difference to them.

So smile! Life is much more fun this way 😉

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