Melancholy – An artist’s best friend


(from an interview I did… one of those ole fashion magazines… and the Q comes up a lot so ;-))

I know melancholy so well, it has always been a part of me. Indeed I can feel really happy and melancholic at the same time… moving me like the soft flow of water. And I like it. I like to fall into the emotions triggered by sombre and dramatic music. A lot of my inspirations of course come from my surroundings. I love the rain, I love the fog, I love the mystery surrounding the old stone houses, the dark church towers, the green fields, soft misty hills, the raging sea on a windy and wet day… Melancholic images that feed the mind with deep and serious thoughts. I find it so sensual…

Art is about sharing emotions, thoughts and experiences with the world, to connect with others that may feel and experience the same. I have experienced a lot of sad emotions and crazy/creepy/risky situations. Some of them I put myself into… because I needed to feel the thrill, the adrenaline… and I needed to find out if I could get out of them again. Which I always did luckily… (as I said, I appear to have nine lives 😉 )

The artist knows how to enter emotional states others would never want to go to, or even able to go to. Facing what others don’t wish to see. Whenever I sink down to this emotional pit, I always rise even higher than before. I always bring something back, some new awareness or a new awesome creative idea. Being able to truly sink down to the lowest point, means you learn more and more about yourself. You need to know the night to fully enjoy the day. Art indeed is about cleaning out the messy closet. And it makes you feel more alive.

Most definately, people with really deep emotions are the strongest, because they can explore the deep, dark state of mind, they are not afraid of it. Oh… and I DO have learned to no longer take people along on the ride who cannot handle it… 😉 😛

#sexymelancholy     – missAmey – shesRisky

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