Everly Mine – another strong versed poem! <3

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  1. Everly Mine

’Wake up, wake up my little girl’

Grandma is gently stroking my hair

’Come and get ready, time to go to school

Put on your blue skirt and new white boots’

School I hated, so much sadness there

Yet the boys were shouting ’oh walk with me

little princess with the pretty face

Sweet girl with the long dark hair

You’re so unusual, but I love your flair…’

Everly she walked with me

Her world so dim yet no one would see

Nobody cared about the bruises on her skin

and nobody saw the sores that wept from within

Only I had sense, I understood

I swore to kill that motherfucker if only I could

’Oh you pretty little girl, but why so wild?’

My anger only grew, it devoured me inside

Sometimes I screamed, sometimes I cried

Craving for love, yet I stabbed them from behind

Everly I see your smile, there in the mirror

so beautiful, so kind

this little girl she is like me

And I love our home, the countryside

with golden wheat and such green fields

with horses and with dreams of sheep

Stylish cafés with cakes and tea

with cottages and manor houses inbetween

the family secrets locked up within

And I love the town, dirty and rough

Graffiti, rave-parties, the boys were so tough

I still have your pink dress, stained with ecstacy

And your pumps with broken heels next to me

And I still see your mascara running down your face

Darling you were way too cool for this place

The girls were just so dumb

Their minds so bleak, with senses so numb

So I turned, and enslaved myself for years to come

With false ideals for far too long

I thought it was art but I was dead wrong

I really can’t stand slobs with no sex appeal

My vibes are too high, my senses too strong

I love lean beauty, real healthy and true

I now raise my glass and standards with everything I do

Because Everly, I think of you…

*** (c) miss Andrèa Mey – from her book ‘Thief In The Night’

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