I’m in awe when I see things and items from around 100 years ago…

Wow I just found this old barber and hairdresser salon. And I stood here almost an hour, studying each old item of old-time hair dressing displayed in the window. Looking at every tool, every old bottle of shampoo and after-shave, every picture and old photo… imagining the story behind, how it was used, the people that came in here to use it, how life was here back then, how the street looked like, the people that passed by, the clothes they wore, the coffee they drank, the things they talked about. I so love such old places, I could stand for ages in front of such old items from the past; pharmacy equipments, perfumes, tools, furnitures, type-writers, telephones, decorations, recipes… visualising, imagining… wishing I was there. Maybe I am completely wrong, but I feel life 60 to 100 years ago was so much more the real life. So much more content and complete and peaceful. At least the buildings were all so much more beautiful…


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