My Dark-Eyed Lover – a poem with visual art <3

My Dark-Eyed Lover

My dark-eyed lover, he truly understood – He felt my yearn,
I touched his soul – We spoke of oceans wild and free – and all the
passions we longed to feel – The deadly sensation, you know what
I mean? – Intensity cuts and Scorpio sting – I started to fall ’cause
my legs grew so weak – Lost in a haze, I didn’t eat nor sleep – Lost
in Nirvana, we were in it so deep – Going frantic with cravings, I
was drugged, I was high – Hooked on the feeling, each time more
alive – Anywhere, everywhere, we gave in all the way – Childish
and charming, always dared to play – Lost in Nirvana but it came
with a price – He spoke of oceans great and free – and all the pain
we had to feel – My dark-eyed lover stepped outside sanity’s door
– I called him back but he went for more – He went beyond and left
his mind – He chose addiction of a different kind.

– Taken from my poem book called ‘Thief In The Night’ (c) missAmey – shesRisky  

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