excerpt from: ‘The Deadly Construction’, book by Miss A. Mey


The girl panicked and started to scream as loud as she could… making the most pitiful, howling sounds that could escape her closed lips. She fought as hard as she could to liberate her limbs from this bondage, but no matter how hard she pulled at those ropes, she could not free herself.

Amanda was crying. The desperation, and the awful thoughts in her head became unbearable. She wanted out of here, out, out, out! ’This isn’t happening’, she told herself repeatedly, ’this is just a bad dream, or a sick joke, right… this can’t be happening to me…’ She simply could not be a victim of some psycho, no, no, no, not her!

’Please’, she was begging to whatever higher power there was; ’please make this go away, please help me get out of here… oh god, why is this happening to me, why did I accept that drink last night, why? Why did he offer it to me? What did I do wrong? If I would have said no thank you, I would not have been here now, I would be joyfully at home and all would be good… Oh please let me go back in time to make this right again…’

The young woman tried to figure out where she was. She was aware that she was held captured inside a newly build house. A house that wasn’t finished yet. She guessed that the room was located on the second floor of the building. When she looked out of the open windows, she saw nothing but clear-blue sky and the crowns of trees. She could hear birds singing, she could hear grasshoppers chirping intensively and the soothing buzzing sounds of the bumblebees. It was very quiet and tranquil outside, and she realised that this place was far out in the countryside. She could hear the wind that gently shook the branches of the trees outside. She could smell the dry grass, the wheat fields and the parched earth. She could sense the heat lingering in the air, even though the room she was captured in was still quite cool and damp. Oh how desperately she wanted to get outside… yes, outside… beneath the shades of the trees. She wanted to be outdoors so badly.

In the far distance, she clearly heard the penetrating sound of many cars driving at high speed… so she couldn’t be far from the freeway. She realised that she must be confined in one of those unfinished and deserted houses that had popped up in the area over the last years. The kind of constructions that had become quite a nuisance… build by eager house owners that had started a building project and soon abandoning the place due to disagreements, be it legal or financial, whatever the reason, they simply packed in and never returned… leaving ugly house frames behind to spoil the landscape…

Could she be lying in one of those buildings? Was this his hiding place? The fear that overcame her was just too unbearable. She wanted to be free, she wanted to be outside so badly, to be out there in the sun, to feel the warm summer breeze. Just like all the other people out there. Never before had she wished so badly to be free, literally free, to just be able to walk away. She so wanted to go swimming now, she wanted to be out there with all the other people. She wanted to go and have an ice cream and simply enjoy the day. She had the right to be outside and to be free, just like everybody else. The tears streamed down her face again. Never had she thought about it this way. The situation she found herself in was truly agonizing.

The poor girl now lay still on her back… waiting… listening… steadily breathing through her nose. There was nothing else she could do really. The swishing sound of the trees, as they were swaying in the wind, was soothing her, yet they also painfully reminded her about the beautiful freedom out there. She listened to the constant buzzing that came from the freeway. All those cars, they drove to or from somewhere… oh how she longed to be there on the highway… to just sit inside a car and drive… just anywhere, out of here… without a worry. She suddenly realised how much she wanted to live, how much she wanted a life, like all the others… She was so afraid that she would die. The fear tightened her throat so badly that she felt she was going to suffocate. It was excruciating.

Perhaps if she cried loud and long enough, somebody would hear her and come to her rescue… maybe a dog walker, a neighbour, or children perhaps … but she heard no sign of human life out there, not even a dog barking. ’So the house frame must be quite isolated… obviously, that’s why the bastard picked the place after all,’ she thought bitterly.

Amanda wondered what time it was, she tipped it was around 10 or 11 am. She urgently needed to go to the bathroom… how was she supposed to go??? And where the hell was this arsehole anyway??! Did he just leave her here? Her awful emotions of fear blended now with overwhelming feelings of anger and she again frantically tried to free herself from this damn ropes that restrained her limbs.

She endured this uncomfortable situation for another hour or so, and now she really needed to pee. Amanda had no other choice but to twist her bum out as far as she could to the edge of the mattress, and then to simply let it go. She was sobbing quietly as the surface beneath her became warm and wet.. This was so humiliating and she felt so sorry for herself.

Why would anybody do this to her… what had she done to deserve this??? And where the hell was this motherfucker anyway???!!!

Poor Amanda, and another painful hour past in this sinister frame of a house. The beautiful summer’s day that the world enjoyed, was passing by outside without her. She couldn’t bear any longer to lie all alone in this godforsaken skeleton house… yes, that’s what it was, a bloody skeleton house… an ugly frame that nobody cared about, and nobody would come to rescue her… ’Please, please just let somebody walk by and hear me scream’, the young woman thought while she was sobbing heartbreakingly.

But suddenly, she heard a new sound. A car? Yes, she was certain, there was a car coming this way. Her heart was beating faster. Was this her rescue? Did the builders come back to the house? The owners? A neighbour? On the other hand, could this mean her kidnapper was coming back? And if so, what did he plan to do with her now? Utterly terrified, she pulled even more at those white ropes that held her tightly in her place. ’Please come undone… I need to escape before he gets here.’

Indeed the car approached the house and the motor stopped right outside. Her heart was pounding like a drum as she heard the car door slamming. She felt like one of those wild animals that were caught in a deadly trap. She heard someone entering the hall below and walking up the stairs and soon after, he stood there, in the door frame. …]

(c) Andréa Mey

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