Fake happiness or can you handle REAL emotions?

105281364_1638941709604735_5096068507319662247_n (1)

Ok let me say this, I am all about positive thinking and I definately have a positive outlook on life. Which means, I always can see the positive in shitty situations. Manage to turn them into something valuable. This is what positivity is all about.

What I do not like is this fake positivity, this fake happiness that some people try so desperately to push on you when you absolutely don’t feel it. “Think happy thoughts, come on think happy thoughts…hey what’s wrong with you, why don’t you feel the happy thoughts, you must think happy thoughts right now…”

Duh, what if I don’t want to think happy thoughts right now? No, you see, people don’t push ‘happy thoughts’ on others to make them feel better, they do it so that they themselves don’t have to deal with any deep and REAL emotions. Because they cannot handle it. It’s too tough for them. And THAT really is not positive. It’s simply weakness, escapism.

Real living comes with ups and downs. Don’t be afraid of the sadness. Each low brings with it a valuable lesson, a gift from your soul. Embrace it and ride out the storm. How you deal with it, this is what makes you a positive person. Surviving shit makes you strong, Deep emotion is badass!  🙂

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