Between the lines… is the writer! –

14370230_689027037929545_243202370168405458_n (2)          Writing, and particularly surreal writings or poetry, often reveal the dramatic past of the writer. Fiction is a safe ground, where the sincere artist can reveal secrets without anyone realising. Because most people just see or read what is right in front of them. Without further thought or insight. People tend to see life as two dimensional. It often takes another artist to see what a piece of work really is trying to say. What bitterness, confession or cry for help is really hiding behind those words or behind those scenes. I can see life as three dimensional. I don’t look at people’s self-styled surface, I look through them to the core… (which often is not a very cool thing actually.)

Expression is a never ending form of therapy. I often hint towards personal experience with childhood fears, loss, bad thoughts and abuse. I like to think that I reach out to other deep and sensitive individuals who had similar tough experiences and feel a connection to what I am saying.

Focusing on melancholic ideas doesn’t mean at all being morose as a person… quite the opposite actually. It just means being able to express a deeper intensity of emotions and a deeper understanding for the unknown sides of life…”

Human psychology is a strange thing. The things we experience as children shape our future, both for better and for worse. When I was little, so much dramatic and surreal stuff was going on around me. It soon made me go out and seek more of it… like an addiction. Exploring the most interesting threshold to what is real, perhaps otherworldly or simply pictures in the mind.

I always wanted to find the link between the biological human behaviour and the social behaviour that was forced upon us. Because I found it hard to submit to the many restricting, pointless and indeed stupid rules of my peers, as I had much stronger instincts, sensations and awareness of my environment. All shaping my immense fascination for where the natural meets the paranormal, creating different realities, anything that is more than human.

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