Creating, acting and parallel realities

d20 (1) (2)        I often found out that whenever I think about a new story, writing it down and describing the character… I somehow manage to draw this vision into my real life… it’s pretty awesome, surreal, but also pretty spooky. For example, I describe a situation within my story, and a few days later I find myself in just this situation somehow. Or I describe a certain guy in my novel, and I go to a cafe and suddenly a guy sits there that matches my description perfectly… it’s like I make certain aspects of my stories appear in my reality just by thinking them… Kinda like a literal form of the law of attraction… It just proofs to me again that reality is relative… and that we can create energies and situations from within… which is exciting 🙂

Me, being, ehm, an alien, I always could see or find myself within strange realities. I can jump into a new reality. It is from those realities and my dreams that I often draw inspiration for my art.

Acting is also a method to connect to a different reality, and free a certain atmosphere. Thus you can alter your reality by acting who you want to be, or need to be more of.

You become what you think you are… which can be a good thing or a bad one. 😉

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