I feel so sad for all the unloved children

mnext342 (1)    Nobody asks to be born, and what a terrible fate it is to be born to heartless parents, to be neglected, bullied, mistreated or even worse, to be killed mercilessly by some undeserving bastard. I feel with every ‘story’, every picture of an innocent sweet little girl or boy that I see in the papers, or on the news. I can’t begin to imagine their fears and desperation… and this kind of things should simply not happen in this world. All children deserve a loving and safe life and it is up to their parents to make sure of that. How horrible that there are so many people out there that do not take this most important job dead seriously… No child should be sad. Our childhood fears and traumas, they last a life-time. You will never forget them… I know all about that!

So please smile at the child you meet walking alone in the street… you never know if he/she is having a tough time or comes from a loveless home….

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