After Rain…

    After Rain

bestacat12    The air so alive
Ah, the wild wind, so sexy and electrifying
I want to dance, I want to sing
come step out with me into the rain
The rain drops’ ardor touches my skin
I want to get wet all through, and from the within
Come make me laugh and make me screamI know I am your fucked up dream
I’ll be your rush, come get me high
I’ll let you hurt me all the way
I know you love it, come turn me on
This warm, wet night, when limits are gone
Come, let’s play the hunting game
Once in my head, you will never be the same
My cute smile, it is beyond unreal.
I’ll make you fall, I’ll make you feel
So who is winning, you or me?
You might move on, but I will never leave…

(c) missAmey


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