Naked… new poetic thoughts

next560 (1)   I’m sure I’m an alien, and yet I act so freakin’ human

I am fearless , but I can be so very scared of trivial things
I trust myself and yet I can regret my decisions
I am free and yet I can feel so entrapped
I am honest, but I can tell you fantastic lies
I am an open book and yet I share no secrets
I am a fitness freak, yet I do selv-destructive things to myself
I am streetwise, but hey I can be so naiv
I am so confident, but most of the time I wonder what I am doing
I had success, I lost it all
I love to express myself, but I don’t like the attention
I am noble, yet I can be shameless
I am present, and yet so easily distracted
I think way too much, but when I look at Ikea instructions, my mind turns blank
I have my habits, and yet I’m unpredictable
I plan my life, but then I just ride
I am independent, but I always need someone
I look so tough from the outside, I cry when I am alone
I am high on life, I have scars around my wrists
I always seek the thrill, but I like to be safe
I have a home, but often I feel homeless
I look calm, but I’ve got a war in my mind
I’m a passionate lover, yet I am afraid of intimacy
I can take care of myself, sometimes I need to be rescued
I am a nurturing mother, I am a child inside
I love to travel, but I’m afraid to fly
I love the morning and I love the night
And I don’t think life makes any sense
But damn, I’m gonna analyse shit till the day I die
(c) missAmey

  • shesRisky (c)
  • rebelrayn

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