Good scents of life… why I love perfumes!


13775818_659066660925583_6944457823739083711_n       I just love, love perfumes… always did. I always had several different perfumes on my shelf, just to highlight the mood I felt at that moment. I had a hot sunny day perfume, a rainy day perfume, a wild, stormy mood perfume, a deep and sexy fragrance, or a light, playful scent, a melancholic mood perfume, which was a heavy, deep purple one, … or a spicy ‘adventure night out’ fragrance… My favorites then were called Temperance, Cannabis, Wild Roses and Beautiful Dream. I still remember exactly how they all smelled. I know what scents attract me and I know what doesn’t. Smells make me immediately feel certain emotions, remember things and happenings, they make me see visions of places I have not been to, yet.

Good smells are really important to me, they make me feel good, they make me feel alive. Thus I love sniffing roses, the smell of rain, the smell of the ocean, trees, grass, passing by the bakery, horses, yes they smell amazing too. I just love the strong smell of the countryside… you know, this blend of earth, straw and cow dung. Yes, some might find that very strange for an ehm, ‘elitist smellist’ like I am.     

I need my hair to smell awesome and clean, and of course I love men that smell good. In fact when a guy walks in that wears a good smell of perfume or after shave, I’m attracted like a cat on catnip. I get closer, sniffing discretely, or if they are good looking, less discretely. I ‘weasle’ around just to keep filling my senses. I like to wear men’s perfume too a lot of times, those fragrances kinda turn me on more than typical women’s perfumes. I particularly like to spray a little around bed time…

And just like that I am really turned off by bad smells, unwashed human smells, bad odour, bad breath, alcoholic’s odour, unwashed, stuffy, stagnant, moldy smells of furniture, beds, nasty toilet viffs, urine stained streets, garbage… yes, I know, most people don’t enjoy the smell of bad odours, but I often find that they don’t react as strongly as I do, even, to my disturbing surprise, I met people tolerating some seriously bad stinks, bad body odour, like they just ignore it and live with it… I really could never too that. It’s torture. I also freak out at the smell of dentist offices… probably because I associate them with pain, or the awful hospital smell. I hate cigarette smoke. And chemical smells like chlorine, gass and petrol that are associated with danger and death. Indeed, some bad odours give me really bad visions.

But hey, back to the world of lovely scents. I love perfume counters and exploring new fragrances… mixing blends up a little.

There is a book called ‘Perfume’ by Patrick Süskind which I eagerly read when I was a child, about a young, macabre parfumeur, and the detailed descriptions of odours in that book, and of the streets of Paris, are simply fascinating.

The atmosphere and the smell of southern Europe is absolutely invigorating I find. The air is so alive with passion and history. The blend of heat, hot old stones, leather, the flair of ancient towns mixed with the salty air of sea water… nothing like it. I remember once driving through the city of Barcelona and it started to rain and I had the window of the car all the way down and the air was just magical. So amazing, so alive. I said then to my Catalonian business partner  ‘Oh I have to capture this scent and make a perfume called ‘Barcelona Rain’. He liked that.

Indeed I have been very into the idea to make my own perfumes for years. I did mix my own blend a few years back which I sold together with my merchandise when I was performing at festivals. And it still lies in the back of my mind, if I have time and opportunity to make a set of my own perfumes, calling it ‘Risky’… and of course, the ‘Barcelona Rain’. So if a parfumeur should read this, get in touch for blending an exciting new fragrance 😉

My favourite perfumes? For years it was Burberry (original). Right now it is Zarkoperfume Molecule 234.38. My other favourites are White Musk For Men by Body Shop, Eau de Baux L’homme by L’Occitane, Indian Rose by Rituals, the amazing fig fragrance Philosykos by Diptyque, Shea Nut by Body Shop, 8 by Abercrombie & Fitch, Ma Vie by Boss, Karma by Lush, Neroli and Orchidee by L’Occitane.

My tip: spray the mist lightly into hair and the back of the neck. I also spray more towards my clothes rather than on skin. It lasts longer and gives you sweet memories next time you wear that top, or dress or jacket… 😛

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