Flatter me, flatter you ;-) Why compliments are awesome.

10712749_871041429575829_3086590929073457924_n      I love compliments… I love getting them and I love giving them! Always have been blessed with getting a good amount of nice comments when I meet new people, when I walk through the streets, cafes, shops, wherever really, I always receive nice compliments by strangers… Mostly on my looks, my eyes, … my ‘charming presence’, my ‘fascinating aura’, my happy vibe… yep, mostly from guys of course, but also often by women, and occasinally by the odd psychic (or crazy person) who can see the ‘real’ angelic (or demonic) me 😉 I love those. I truly am blessed with getting flattery. And it really makes my day!

And just as I love receiving them, I am an absolute flatterer and sweet-talker myself. When I see a nice looking guy, I tell him that I think he is handsome, or pretty, or indeed  very beautiful… or that he has lovely eyes, a great suit, that he smells really nice, has a charming smile, kind eyes that show me his beautiful soul… a really awesome beard… how his green shirt suits his eye colour so well… oh, guys looove getting compliments! I don’t think they are so used to it. Compliment a guy on something awesome he does, and you can ask him for any favours afterwards, hehe. Always works 😉 Think about it. We get so much negativity and criticism from dissatisfied family members, co workers etc  that we tend to forget how awesome and lovely we are.

It feels good to pay a sincere compliment. It makes my day too to make some stranger happy. If I see an enchanting woman I tell her too. And I always compliment a cute, lovely child. Sensitive children with beautiful souls need all the compliments and validation they can get. Especially from their parents of course!

Compliments spread a good vibe. It shows people that you see them. If you have something nice to say, just say it! Why on earth withhold it?? Life is too short for that…

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