Politically correct??? Nah…!

Politically correct??? Nah…!

next11 (1) (1) (1)   Seriously, I dislike that term ‘politically correct’… and the people who pretend to be! Really. I have been accused of being politically INcorrect in the past… and you know, it’s a compliment. Because, I actually physically helped many individuals (and animals) out of trouble or defended them from abusers. Helping those in need is really what life is about, right?

Politically correct, ah, this is what the ‘good’ and ‘liberal’ people claim they are, right? It is the ‘good’ way of thinking we learned in school. The ‘right’ beliefs that are popular, hip and ‘in’ at the time. The kind of ‘nice’ and harmless political thinking, accepted by society.

‘Politically correct’ is basically for those who lack self-formed opinions, and indeed, those who lack real empathy. Those who play it safe. Those that don’t really bother to think about things themselves, or feel real compassion in order to fight real injustice. The term is for those that are not in touch with their inner voice. They are disconnected from their true purpose, their true passions and true love.

And so they join popular demonstrations and feel anger because they were TOLD to feel this way, and this is pretty scary. Take on the popular opinions, add some popular emotions… and you’ll be rewarded. And so many are doing it; placing an ‘angry’ opinion on social media that they know is ‘popular’, thus ‘safe’ right now. They don’t mean it, they just fish for likes from the herd they follow.

The thing is though, what is popular propaganda today, are often issues people don’t seem to give a shit about anymore tomorrow. So really, ‘political correct’ is not ‘nice’, and in fact it can be blinding.

‘Politically correct’ means to give great media attention and misplaced empathy to those that whine and scream ‘victim’ the loudest, and with it, they completely ignore and forget the REAL victims, the silent ones that suffer, those unfortunates that are unable to raise their voice. How is that fair?

And another thing, you see, when you are tolerant to absolutely everything and everyone, well it means to be tolerant to assholes that hurt others as well! The ‘good political correct’ person is expected to never fight back when wronged, in fact he or she tends to ‘forgive’ the wrong-doer. When a vile abuser’s nasty actions don’t get consequences, well, this is where justice stops and total apathy begins.

The ‘good’ people are so scared to offend all the whiners and screamers, too scared of being ‘cast out’ of social acceptance that they have lost sight of what is real and what is not. And the funny thing is, the political correct person is often that dude or woman in the street who is so very passive-aggressive to everyone, because they are so full of misplaced anger and frustration.

Ever wondered why so many extreme activists are so angry, destructive and grow more and more irrational by the day? It is because they project their own feeling of lack, seperation and self-loathing into their chosen cause. And their aggression really doesn’t help their cause, in fact often they achieve the opposite. Yep, ‘law of attraction’ at work. Just sayin’…

A better world starts with yourself. How about some authentic passion, a natural way of expression and the courage to just speak without fear of offence? Don’t please the crowd to show you are ‘nice’. Be real! Dare to help those children, animals and bullied individuals around you that really need your help. Shine, and help others to shine as well. This is true compassion.

But hey, this is just my own thought about it… but at least I got one 😉

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