Challenge your given ‘identity’…

new risky (2) (4)  I just want to be, to be free. To be, is the ultimate state of existence. To simply be, is free of false identity. False identity is often the misjudgements placed upon you by others who cannot understand you. And it obviously can be very limiting. Your identity comes with rules and morals. Even if you love what you do, and even if it inflates your ego, people soon attach their sheepish social rules and misjudgements on you. You are confined to living in a box of social expectations. Wouldn’t it be nice to be free of that?

I told you already that I sometimes go out exploring the world anonymously or without saying a name, meeting random people, to just experience, without identity attachment and restrictions. This is not about being false, or somebody else, or creating a wannabe ego to impress irrelevant strangers. This is about you exploring you. All of it. Being able to be timeless, ageless, without habits, without false morals. Because we are not only one name. We have many. Personality is an illusion. We can be many things and live different lives. And I experience so much weird, crazy, insightful and fun. Sometimes very scary situations too.

You can change reality, make reality happen, be aware of different dimensions, yes, amultiverse has been proven by scientists, where you can be altered versions of yourself… and most of all; free. Also in this age of internet, where fucking google and facebook keep records of all your moves and personal details, just to expose your privacy to everybody else out there for ever, I consider it a necessity to keep different computers for different online activities or names, just to remain free to a certain extent. So explore… be your own movie. Re-invent and rejuvenate yourself, challenge your habits and give your cells new grow power. – missAmey (c)

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