Me and the Juice

A few years back when I moved to Oslo’s finest Victorian and ‘Jugendstil’ neighbourhood Frogner, yes, where all the hipster bartenders and fit Swedes live, I soon was a popular daily guest at the new cafe concept here called Joe and the Juice. The hip cafe with good, high vibes induced by the charming selection of exclusively male staff in their early twenties. Euphoric, sexy house music and  flirty, handsome cuties with caps, hey, it’s just my thing. So the five Joe and the Juice cafes in Oslo became my second home. I had charming, funny and interesting conversations, lot’s of free coffee of course, delivered with a wink, hearts on my loyalty cards, vast amounts of compliments… the occasional fling after closing time… 😉 .

Talking with the boyz, many of them aspiring models, actors, athletes, designers and DJ’s it was in here that my concept Rebel Rayn, was born and vastly created. A great and important renewal. It was such a happy, hopeful, flirty, inspiring and positive time, with so many cute and beautiful souls collected in one place… and sometimes I really miss those days. Sadly (for me), Joe and the Juice has become an international chain over the past two years, with cafes popping up like mushrooms and thus the concept has lost a lot of its original charm. Good, sexy vibes are everything! 😉            – Miss A. Mey

12764496_592623627569887_4974825417329588537_o (1)

IMAG1929   jul9


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