Testosterone is your friend! – Rayn

Ok, now to something cmuscle-manompletely different. Well not really, after all I keep saying that fitness on all levels; be it physical, mental, emotional and creative go hand in hand to achieve your goals and be the best person you can be. So let’s talk about hormones. And the great hormone called testosterone, which is vital for both men and women. I consider food, herbs and supplements that boost and support testosterone an absolute necessity.  This is a subject rarely talked about.

Women get pumped full of birth control pills and then ‘hormone replacement treatments’. With estrogen and/or progesterone, which is the hormone that makes you sad, tired, lustless, passionless, hopeless and depressed. Progesterone shuts down your natural testosterone, thus your powerful, vital, muscle making, happy, feel-good, confidence hormone. When the women complain about depression to their doctors, they get prescriptions of anti-depressives on top of the hormonal imbalance! Just to keep you miserable and paying.

In addition the women pee out the progesterone hormone and it can stay in the water we all drink. If you wonder why men get fatter, grow boobs, get old faster and are depressed, lifeless with no sex drive, here is perhaps your answer. We all need to boost and aid our natural testosterone production. Now the problem is that testosterone is stigmatised. Doctors won’t prescribe it or even mention it to women who deal with low sexdrive or complains, not even to men that suffer from depression, pre-mature aging or estrogen over-exposure. Oh no, like I said, they just get anti-depressives on top of the female hormone havoc floating about everywhere.

Because, when people think of the word testosterone, they imagine big, aggressive men… men in gyms that pump iron… men that are brutes, men that do damage and don’t have much brain or emotion. Testosterone is ‘bad’ and we do not need that in ‘nice’ society, right? This is a myth and indeed discrimination directed towards strong, confident and successful males. Testosterone is not an ‘aggressive’ male hormone. Testosterone in balance makes us all feel good, alert, sexy, youthful and powerful, and this is why doctors never describe it to either men or women and not even talk about its benefits.

We need to raise awareness towards this. Because it is my theory, and yes, listen, it is only my THEORY, that a lot of the male suicides we witness these days, could perhaps be simply too little testosterone in the brain and too high progesterone levels. I talk from experience with bad hormones. Progesterone is the hormone that kicks in a few days just before a period. When I have a real bad PMT, I can feel completely hopeless and suicidal. A few days later, when the estrogen and testosterone kick in, I feel absolutely great again and high on life. With testosterone boosters, I feel great all the time. Depression and bad thoughts can merely be triggered by hormones. And again, not many know about this, but believe their life is shit, they cannot cope or that they have a clinical depression and then spend years in therapy.

Now I am not saying go and run down to your doctor and get a lot of synthetic testosterone pills. No synthetic hormones are healthy. I am saying try to boost your testosterone naturally and at the same time be aware of the dominance of estrogen and progesterone in your system through food, water and synthetic pills.  It did wonders for me and several guys I know that ‘felt down for no reason’. Also try to google ‘progesterone made me depressed’ and read many women’s horror stories with birth-control pills.

Andréa Rayn

Rayn (c)



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