Freakin’ frisky news… :-)

All exciting things… yes, always happen in the hidden, in the background. So a lot has been transformed. All pages are updated; the About, the new Pretty Gritty, Sexy Melancholy, Visuals and the newest edition, ‘Risky’ Fashion.

New times, new inventions, yay… Life is fantastic as it always brings movement, new awareness and change. When you read the pages above, you will see that with my personal art I will focus simply on my own stories, visions, dream stories, based on my experiences. Real, high or ‘messed up’ experiences. 😉 Life is full of stories, bizarre moments, full of emotions. My life is complex, and I love it. And my thoughts, apparently, are so ‘very different than all the mainstream thoughts’. After all, I always try to be ahead of everyone else. So I no longer want to blend in ideas about fitness, high vibes and positive life style thoughts as I planned to do 4 years ago. (There’s too many ‘experts’ out there already…) I also had to stop use words like villain, rebel, raw and savage, because again, too many keyboard ‘Cartmans’ (South Park yes) have recently taken over such ‘kewl’ concepts (while they troll other people). Idiots ruin everything…!

But anyway, privately I learned an important lesson; As I am a high-energy, empathic gal, I always reach out to help unhappy people. I love to make them feel better, make them feel appreciated. And I put a lot of energy into doing that. But I sadly found out several times that the people I try to help, they don’t really want to improve their lives. In fact, they just kept complaining, and somehow assumed they could just ‘steal my light’, and when they realised they couldn’t, they actually got demanding and angry. How rude!?! So, I decided to let people, for the most part, sort their own sh*t… I mean, we all have access to the law of attraction, right? What you focus on grows, yep.

A little note on the side; My arty expressions are very honest, very naked, very sexual. And yet, they are a little diffuse and surreal. Personal ideas are not the same as exposing privacy. There is a big difference. Privacy is something very different. In fact, I am a very private person. Both online and offline. My private data is my own.
Privacy is your own protected space. And it is this holy space, the details you wish to keep for yourself, that Google and Facebook are after to expose to the world. Your name, your address, your number, your age, your income, your health status, your children… all to expose, restrict and control you. The reason they want access to your smart phone is because they want to have access to the things you do not want anyone else to see. And so many people give it up willingly, unaware of the dangers that lie ahead. How we all are becoming mere statistics, stereotypes, puppets, robots… fed by fear, limitations and negativity. It’s freaking scary what is happening. People walk in their sleep, slave to their stupid phone apps!
Live has changed, sadly. There is no longer any mystery or charisma surrounding a persona. Fame these days means to have your private details ripped away and ridiculed. Is that worth it?? No.
How to protect yourself these days? LIE! Mix up infos both online and offline, use different phones for different purposes, give different names, numbers, birthdays, ages. Also to strangers you meet at the bar. You don’t owe anyone any real details, it’s not their business. The truth is relative anyway. We are spirits, we are actors, timeless, here to enjoy experiences, nothing else. We are not vessels, not labels and stereotypes to be judged.
Apart from this, I recently have created a new venture/website of a sexy/erotic nature. With many experiences and adventures in the ‘tease’ and ‘adult biz’, this will be pretty educating, (yes read Pretty Gritty) 🙂 The aim is to inspire real life experiences, and to light real passion, real senses. Sex these days, like everything else, is a much online viewed, mere cold outer stimuli, instead of an ecstatic, orgasmic experience felt in the body and most of all deep in the soul. Sensuality is not a social regulation. It is magic, it’s divine. It connects you to source like nothing else. High vibrational, high sexual beings remain youthful and tend to live longer. I’m never shy to bring up taboos and degrading myths about the free female sexuality… yeah you would think the humans would be enlightened in this modern age, but sadly this is often not the case. Oh, obviously, I do write there under a more anonymous alias, uhm yeah, it’s Mink – just another badly kept secret 😉
Tadaa there you go. Clever stuff or what…?! (irony… just in case no one got that 😉

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