The real reason people don’t want you to be alone! That’s right ;-)

People don’t want you to be alone. They don’t want you to be single either and eagerly push a partner on you. And this is not really because they don’t want you to be lonely, or unhappy… they really don’t care about that, no. People want you to be with someone because then you are less of a threat. Outch, that’s right.

When you are always walking, working and living with a group of people, or when you are ‘safely’ married, then there is someone there to keep you in place, to keep you distracted. You are more likely to do ‘normal’ things, and that makes you safe to the crowd. When you are alone a lot and/or live alone, you are so much more likely to do some serious thinking (or watch some nasty porn, either way…).

You can be your real self… the one that is inside of you. Do all the things you can’t do in front of others. You can talk to your inner voice and even play with your ‘demons’ (which can be fun!)… because nobody is watching you. You can get to know your needs, you can create, you can evolve.  Being alone is so truly liberating. This is why many artists need to be alone in order to connect to their source and create.

When you are on your own, nobody knows what you truly are up to, and that scares the sheep people. They get suspicious, they don’t trust you. After all, you could be doing naughty things… illicit things, keep secrets. And this is especially a big source of gossip when you are a woman.

A lone, independent woman who has time to be herself…. to have sexy thoughts, dirty thoughts… naughty secrets… who doesn’t have a clique of girlfriends or a man to keep her occupied with social commitments… oh boy that is scary, isn’t it? What is she up to at night?

It’s like with cats. Cats are loners. They come and go on their own. While you sleep, they disappear into the night… and in the morning your sweet pussy cat lies fast asleep in your big armchair, and you wonder, what has she been doing during the night. Did she roam the silent streets, hunt any mice, did she meet other cats, a tomcat perhaps… did she get into any trouble, was she in any danger, did she loose one of her nine lives (joke)… you have no idea what she has been up to. And this is so fascinating. I love the cat-like lifestyle. And just like kitty, I am very social – when I want to be.

When you are alone you can think, dream, just be, create and evolve and with it you realise that social order rules suck and inhibit your freedom! This is why people are so eager to get women married and ticked off the ‘threat’ list.

Doing your own thing is awesome. Enjoying alone time is not the same as being lonely. Loneliness means to feel disconnected, isolated and friendless. Balance is the key, obviously. If I would be too much on my own, the voices in my head would get strange and start to delude me. Not even cats want to be without human contact.  So having fun with friends and loved ones, good chats, hugs, coffees and interaction with other souls is truly important to remain sane 😉

– missAmey (c)

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