• A butterfly… living for the moment, carefree, dreamy, high in the sky… butterfly of the night, dancing around the teasin’ light, trying not to get burned 😉 –


Who, or what, is the elusive missAmey (yup that’s me)?

– Writer of personal poetry, novels, badly kept secrets, eroticism and rebellious thoughts. Also a Visual Artist and Designer of ‘Risky Streetwear’.  #riskystreetdesign

– A curious feline girl (;-)) with a few shady n’ sexy enterprises on the side. 😉 #ninesexylives

– Being something more, uhm, ‘metaphysical’ or ‘otherwordly’… where life is too complex to pin down with words :-O (Hmm, what does she mean by that?)

Read, yes READ, the page descriptions on this site. particularly #curiositynme  and #SexyMelancholy. Real experiences = real own thoughts 😉 You’ve never read anything like it!

  • Life is a strange, gritty, pretty, messy, sexy game to be played… the smart ones keep getting better  ❤

Oh: I called myself ‘Rebel Rayn’ before (just to make it less confusing 🙂 )

So, a girl’s gotta promote her work. So here’s to the wonderful links:

My Visual art page is here:  https://shesriskyvisuals.tumblr.com/   – and instagram at @shesrisky

Novels:  http://www.amazon.com/author/missamey     //  ‘After Rain (A Straycat’s Dream)’ with new erotic poetry and metaphysical poetic stories. The short stories will be put into a collection I’m calling ‘Stories of wild dreams and bad realities’. Surreal stories about girls who messed up, yup, kinda like me.   //  I’m still writing on ‘I am Ruthless’… I think she’s changing jobs from hit-girl to vigilante. She’s a nice person after all, and only kills assholes 😉 All books are signed as Miss A Mey

My Risky Shop – Street fashion and super cool designs – http://www.instagram.com.riskystreet.shop

Roofcat Dreams – A cutie, rose-coloured blend of decor, lace undies, flowers and cheeky, sensual feline thoughts, à la roofcat – http://www.roofcatdreams.tumblr.com // and also on instagram at @roofcatdreams

NineSexyLives – An erotic site and sex blog. Do it feline style, not doggy style. It’s sexy intelligence.

– and I do have a facebook page here somewhere – http://www.facebook.com/missandreamey

Oh and check out my ecstatic #deephouse playlist:

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