–   Smile, strange girl, ravin’ mad… oh what liberation!

I was born a defiant spirit, and quite certainly an alien being, misplaced here by some kind of joke. My childhood was never safe, instead often scary and dramatic, but oh so high, sensual and so playful. I was living in different cities, and countries, often left to wander around by myself… which truly fed my nomad soul. And I met the most interesting strangers along the way. I never really learned the little degrading rules the other little girls were conditioned into.  My own world was deep, animalistic… I always was free. card-drawing

And I chased the forbidden, alot; testing the boundaries, got punished a lot, but then again, rewarded so many times by amazing people. Life at the edge is exciting. I love to have real fun; carefree, deep, interesting fun, And this is a battle. Because society wants limits, and the ordinary women see ‘independent felines’ like me as their natural enemy!  When you are out there, just like a butterfly; buzzing, exploring, charming, flirting, simply enjoying your time and good vibes, they appear from everywhere; the ‘cattle women’; the jealous, negative nancys’, eagerly trying to puff out your light, plucking out your colourful wings with their judgements and nasty rumours.

Sometimes, the, ehm, ‘limited humans’ that surround us ‘otherwordly beings’ on a daily basis, really get to us, don’t they? Hmm, what to do? Well, show them some insanity. Play with them. Like my poem ‘Ravin’ Mad’, a little madness sets you free. It scares the shit out of them. Always be ahead of them. Grow your mind, stay fit, eat smart, learn how to kick ass… Bring out your super villain. Age is the trap that they manipulate you with. ‘Grow Up’ means to give up being you. If you want to keep your young exterior and energy, you have to update your mind everyday until your last day! Sexy is a state of mind, a way of being. Not a look! Just sayin’ 😉

aaaa119736810_1718755604956678_8354017620714345177_o (2) (1)You CAN create your own reality. Make your own movie. And this is pretty awesome. Do I have a luxurious life with a big car,  big house and a oh so harmonious family… ? Hell no. That’s not real life to me.  I live in a strange, surreal film, a black comedy, a supernatural sci-fi, a messed up joke, a parody, definitely a Harley Quinn cartoon… and that I love. I want sexperience, passion, a little self-destruction…. and that I definitely get over and over again. Like a cat, I love to rove the empty alleys at night… you never know what you gonna meet. Could be interesting, or not so pleasant. I live to gather experiences, creating as many moments and moods as possible. Life that is deep and dangerous is way more exciting than rich, material happiness. And hey, the good thing is, getting dirty and gritty is easy, it’s fast. Anyone can succeed at it.

I grew up with class… and yet, ironically, side by side with the red-lights. I always was fascinated by this raw, outlaw, outcast and yet, tragic, atmosphere here. I’ve been involved in all sorts of sexy businesses… yeah what can I say, I’m a natural ;-))  Nobody has a real name or status or age here. You just are ‘you’. Even though you play a bizarre game. When you can hide your given identity once in a while, you can be your real self. And that to me is liberation.

Of course these days sadly, humans are all caught up on the internet, trapped in a web of passive non-existence. Where nothing matters anymore. I really want to bring life back onto the streets, back to real existence. With curious connections that entice your soul.

Higher love, soul sensuality, unlimited passion are feelings felt by the few. If you are such a deep, misplaced soul; transcend beyond shitty, domesticated social rules and man-made confinements. Be a divine love, a sexy beast, an unpredictable kitty. In the end, it’s all a game, baby. Keep playing and raise above the toxic crowd. I’ll show you how. My ‘higher’ purpose is to free others like me.     😉    next14 (1)