• A butterfly… living for the moment, carefree, dreamy, high in the sky… and you can’t catch her 😉 –

Writer of poetry, novels, badly kept secrets and rebellious thoughts about ‘stupid’,  suppressive social rules! Also a Visual Artist (photos, slogans, paintings). With pretty good experience also in theatre acting, stagefighting, stripteasing, gambling…. 😉

Something more… where life is too complex to pin down with words.

card-drawing-e1546614573948.jpgRead, yes READ, the page descriptions above. particularly #Villain stuff and #sexymelancholy. Cool stuff there, you might relate big time 😉

And please check out my blog posts, perhaps very inspiring for you. 🙂

  • – New ideas:  “I Am Ruthless” – the diary of a ‘hit-girl’.  Badass people, badass problems! 😉

Your life, your game. Be a striking wild card  ❤

Obs: The name has changed from the previous artist name Rebel Rayn to simply Raiin.

Mee links:

Instagram at @missraiin






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