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  • Your sweetest, friendliest neighbour… might hide the darkest creature behind locked doors. How exciting is that?! –

My novels and stories often originate from strange dreams I had, yet are also inspired by my real experiences. They push out from my subconscious, and thus I often feel my stories don’t make much sense to anyone else. I tend to write them rather poetic and surreal as well. The characters express behaviour that is pretty much disturbing, highly sexual, violent, perverted, vengeful, and often describing deep-rooted fears… Yet the stories often contain a ’moral’… a tragic reality beneath the surface… sometimes an accusation towards the apathy of a society that doesn’t give a f*ck, other times I just display the loneliness and disappointments of my characters.

All of them pretty much live in their own heads, left with their own escalating thoughts and imaginations because nobody is checking in on them. We all get weird and messed up thoughts when we linger  too much on our own. And reality really is relative 😉

Yep, check out the texts of ‘Feral Thoughts’ and read the pages ‘Curiosity n’ Me’ and ‘Sexy Melancholy’ to understand my thoughts and metaphysical experiences behind. Pretty, uhm, otherwordly..?!

new risky91 (1) (1)Oh, and the awesome thing about writing is really that you can basically admit to the dirty, secret and illicit things you have done… and everybody actually thinks it’s fiction. 😛 … the amazing life of a writer!

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My books:

The Strange Case Of Louisa
Walls Never Tell
Melinda's Neighbour
The Deadly Construction
Meet Me By The Dirty Green
Das Gemälde
I Am Ruthless - Diary of a hit-girl
After Rain - A Stray Cat's Dream

Messed up people, messed up problems… 😉