• 60084414_1290822811083295_4154299819906564096_nLike a feline I rove the empty alleys, at night. Curiosity nearly killed this cat at times, I’m lucky I have nine lives. –

I grew up exploring the streets of many different places and I just love the impressions. I love the buzz; cafes, little shops, trams, the everyday magic and I love observing people. Of course I always found the underworld/red light areas to be the most interesting and welcoming 😉

I have my very own style and always loved to show my assets, yep the long legs and the boobs… and hide the, ehm, not so charming pot belly :-/  Always show off the sexy bits you love!!! So my main fashion passion is short skirts, tight tops and leather jackets/short fake fur jackets. And boots! Yep, sometimes I apparently can be very much confused with a downtown Russian streetwalker that dressed up like a punkish school girl…, but hey, I like my style very much 😉 And no, I’m not Russian. 😉

My own fashion concept RiskyCat is all white based tops, sweatshirts, short dresses with gritty writings based on my poetic themes, slogans and artistic photo bits. I think it will be cool.  😉

I did a few designs that were bought by Topshop and Urban. Had model jobs with them as well.

As I really love scents and perfumes, customized ‘Raiin’ perfumes are still in planning too. So all in all, a work in process…!


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