Roofcat Dreams

My new and most enjoyable idea. Pretty, light-hearted and elusive. A strange rose-coloured blend of decor, dessous (meaning lingerie), flowers and cheeky, sensual feline thoughts, à la roofcat – the curious diary of an independent, free-spirited stray, living under the roof. (Yep, obviously, I live under the roof, thus the name of course… )

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I like to wake the flair of Paris, and lace underwear style of the 30’s. I always loved the atmosphere of roofs by night, in old cities, over-looking other roofs and windows, the straycats walking on the roofs under the moon. What a metaphor of style, atmosphere, good scents and erotic independence. Thus, the name Roofcat Dreams. An inspiration for the curious straycat girls out there. Yeah, and definitely not for bitter cattle women  !

Roofcat Dreams will be about sexy lace lingerie and, vintage flair and secret affairs 😉

Next that’s new is:                    bestacat15

Nine sexy lives! – The much anticipated erotic site and sex blog. Do it feline style, not doggy style. It’s sexy intelligence. It’s independence, excitement… about cat people, higher sensory people, vibrant people… People that are alive and connected to source. Source is pure sexual energy (it’s not called the Big Bang for nothing). We are on earth to live joy and pleasures in every way and to inspire others. We are not here for all the misery human society created. I’m gonna write about enticing thoughts, secret adventures and provocative views about the cattle society, yes views that will offend you cattle people down to your tail bone!  I’m gonna create ‘anti-porn’ porn, the opposite of the vulgar, disgusting stuff out there for suppressed hypocrites. I want to see seduction for the senses. Not an ugly vision for ugly souls.

So check out my lovely, rosy, cheeky lingerie blog here:

Instagram: @roofcatdreams


  • Of course all of my projects are connected and many posts will be interlinked.