I’ve got the best of both worlds, or perhaps the worst?? ;-)

I grew up in a classic and conservative home. Learned very good manners, learned etiquette. Received good education. Ironically, this went hand in hand with my environment outside. The dodgy underworld and red light district was very close by. Shady people went through my life and kept me good company. Not to forget that the streets of a big German city could be tough for a youngster to grow up in, and at night definitely could be rough. I love culture and old fashioned class. I learned the ways of being a lady… But I definitely learned the hard way … Continue reading I’ve got the best of both worlds, or perhaps the worst?? 😉

Life down town ;-)

   Two kinds that are obsessed with murder; those committing them and those who write about them… novelists, yes. Gangster, mobster… red-light fascination… Business, legit or shady… How thin is the line really? 😉 Oh, I’m off to have coffee with a weapon dealer this morning…  curiosity, or business… who knows…  😛 #moments, #urbansavage #lifeontheedge Continue reading Life down town 😉

Ravin’ mad! New creative poem ;-)

    Ravin’ mad! Ravin’ mad… oh what liberation! You know, wild girl, you walk the middle line, because you are nice and polite. Free spirited, you are no stranger to disapproval and gossip. They hurt, the stings of judgemental bullshit, they hurt you many times but oh, just you offend once with your nature; “oh you kinda crossed the line here, you’re a little too much, oh you walked a little too far, pushed beyond the social conduct code… just get back here, or else we don’t like you!” And you are civil and apologize, politely, you keep walking … Continue reading Ravin’ mad! New creative poem 😉

Some night-time thoughts about… trains :-)


Trains… they give me a certain feeling… memories, associations… they bring me back to my childhood. The swishing sound of a passing train in the distance… coming and fading again, at night when all is quiet and you listen to the silence. As I so often did. Thinking, imagining, wondering about those that take the journey at night, from one place to another. There is something about trains, the speed, the hypnotic beat, the echo… leaving me with emotions, visions, longings.. and the wish to be somewhere else. Continue reading “Some night-time thoughts about… trains :-)”

Poem: Come on, you little Hussy

         Come on, you little Hussy  Hey little girl, watch the way you are *because you make me loose control * Looking like you do, you cannot complain *Your smile says it all, it’s inviting me in * It sais ”come on, come and play with me , no, it’s not your fault, it’s me who is to blame” *and I know they all feel the same. Oh you little hussy, how provokative you are *Your eyes say it all, they tease, they dare me to chase * they say: ”come on, come and take me…it’s just … Continue reading Poem: Come on, you little Hussy