Lover of Mine

mbestacatfourth (2) (2) (2) Last spring, I was introduced to the sweet, lovely dream pop sounds of Beach House at the cool, hip coffee shop called Fuckoffee at Shoreditch, East London. The sweet, emotional songs ‘Lazuli’ and ‘Other People’…  the beginning of a happy love affair, of hope. Lovely emotions for a rainy day. Lovely music for the ‘in love’ feeling. In fact the whole album ‘Bloom’ was like a new fresh love affair to me, all the way through.

When you meet a guy and this feeling of euphoria arises, and you meet up and you do things, and you laugh, happily, because he takes away your pain, just for a while… because in the end you know, it’s just an illusion. Continue reading “Lover of Mine”

Grains in Summer Time

Standing still in the middle of a golden wheat field near my house, with my arms open, spread out to the side, feeling the wind around me, feeling the grain brushing against my arms and hands. I remember. I was little then, like merely just four years old. And I looked across the fields, to the houses and the restaurants by the road. Watching the wheat stalks swaying. Breathing, taking in the scents of summer, the earth and the grass. And I hear this far away roaring sound above me, a plane soaring across the sky high above me, looking … Continue reading Grains in Summer Time

In The Company Of Ghosts…

London east, and I’m standing still. When I feel the age old past reaching out from busy streets. The people I pass are mere shadows… hushing by like in a dream but the derelict buildings they talk and the ghosts within they speak to me, vividly, with angry sighs of untold misery and bygone injustice, of suffering and sorrows vast, labour and endurance of stones they had build to last the lost souls that always will remain… urging me to switch sides, insisting I should stay. Tempting me with unkind words; saying the living have nothing to offer someone like … Continue reading In The Company Of Ghosts…

She will never be me! ;-)

  When you are different, so very unusual, but oh, ‘so very fascinating’… and so he said… The muse inspires, exhilarates… seduces their body and confuses their mind. ‘oh, you are so incredibly sexy’, Those eyes are hungry, they say it all… ‘Come on, boy, go for it!’ But he pushed me out into the cold, far away into the dark places of his mind. Desperately, quickly, searching for an ordinary plain girl that reminds him, somehow, of me. And he takes her to the dirty, secret places of my mind, to experience my experiences, haunted by my memory. Trying … Continue reading She will never be me! 😉

‘Purple Nightshades’

  Purple Nightshades She stood by the window,  And watched life pass by,  All those fading colours…  All the wasted tries Life is a wheel,  Always moving on,  Searching her paradise,  She saw the place inside I’m leaving,  I will take that final step,  I’m never looking back no more,  Don’t look for me I’m reaching for the stars,  They do not seem so far anymore Wow, all those pretty colours,  This green glittering light,  I hear far away voices,  Old friends wave me inside, The air it smells so sweet,  It melts my frozen heart,  I walk through poppy gardens,  … Continue reading ‘Purple Nightshades’

My Dark-Eyed Lover – a poem with visual art <3

My Dark-Eyed Lover My dark-eyed lover, he truly understood – He felt my yearn, I touched his soul – We spoke of oceans wild and free – and all the passions we longed to feel – The deadly sensation, you know what… I mean? – Intensity cuts and Scorpio sting – I started to fall ’cause my legs grew so weak – Lost in a haze, I didn’t eat nor sleep – Lost in Nirvana, we were in it so deep – Going frantic with cravings, I was drugged, I was high – Hooked on the feeling, each time more … Continue reading My Dark-Eyed Lover – a poem with visual art ❤

The Moped – night-time thought

The Moped Each time at night when I hear a motorcycle or a moped outside in the streets somewhere in the distance…driving, passing… fading…it reminds me of my first memories. The first memories I’ve had. I remember lying in bed at night in the darkness with the window open during the hot summer nights… hearing the sound of a moped driving past while I lay there awake, lonely, so lonely. Scared and alone because I was alone. And the feeling never faded, I still have the same feeling inside, this memory when I lie at night alone…and hear this faint … Continue reading The Moped – night-time thought

Everly Mine – another strong versed poem! <3

Everly Mine ’Wake up, wake up my little girl’ Grandma is gently stroking my hair ’Come and get ready, time to go to school Put on your blue skirt and new white boots’ School I hated, so much sadness there Yet the boys were shouting ’oh walk with me little princess with the pretty face Sweet girl with the long dark hair You’re so unusual, but I love your flair…’ Everly she walked with me Her world so dim yet no one would see Nobody cared about the bruises on her skin and nobody saw the sores that wept from … Continue reading Everly Mine – another strong versed poem! ❤

For one night….


Converted_file_e2e4739f          To dream at night is amazing. It gives you the chance to re-unite with the way things used to be, for one night. It gives you the chance to return to the place when you were young, reliving the times of your childhood. It gives you the chance to re-unite with your loved ones, the ones no longer here. For one night they come back to life, they speak to you and share a story with you that feels so real, so comforting and yet so sad. I suddenly am a child again and I see my brothers when they were little. And it is so nice to be able to re-live those times, being able to remember them again. Continue reading “For one night….”