Challenge your given ‘identity’…

new risky (2) (4)  I just want to be, to be free. To be, is the ultimate state of existence. To simply be, is free of false identity. False identity is often the misjudgements placed upon you by others who cannot understand you. And it obviously can be very limiting. Your identity comes with rules and morals. Even if you love what you do, and even if it inflates your ego, people soon attach their sheepish social rules and misjudgements on you. You are confined to living in a box of social expectations. Wouldn’t it be nice to be free of that? Continue reading “Challenge your given ‘identity’…”

Creating, acting and parallel realities

        I often found out that whenever I think about a new story, writing it down and describing the character… I somehow manage to draw this vision into my real life… it’s pretty awesome, surreal, but also pretty spooky. For example, I describe a situation within my story, and a few days later I find myself in just this situation somehow. Or I describe a certain guy in my novel, and I go to a cafe and suddenly a guy sits there that matches my description perfectly… it’s like I make certain aspects of my stories appear … Continue reading Creating, acting and parallel realities

Between the lines… is the writer! –

14370230_689027037929545_243202370168405458_n (2)          Writing, and particularly surreal writings or poetry, often reveal the dramatic past of the writer. Fiction is a safe ground, where the sincere artist can reveal secrets without anyone realising. Because most people just see or read what is right in front of them. Without further thought or insight. People tend to see life as two dimensional. It often takes another artist to see what a piece of work really is trying to say. What bitterness, confession or cry for help is really hiding behind those words or behind those scenes. I can see life as three dimensional. I don’t look at people’s self-styled surface, I look through them to the core… (which often is not a very cool thing actually.) Continue reading “Between the lines… is the writer! –”