Me and the Juice

A few years back when I moved to Oslo’s finest Victorian and ‘Jugendstil’ neighbourhood Frogner, yes, where all the hipster bartenders and fit Swedes live, I soon was a popular daily guest at the new cafe concept here called Joe and the Juice. The hip cafe with good, high vibes induced by the charming selection of exclusively male staff in their early twenties. Euphoric, sexy house music and  flirty, handsome cuties with caps, hey, it’s just my thing. So the five Joe and the Juice cafes in Oslo became my second home. I had charming, funny and interesting conversations, lot’s of free coffee of course, delivered with a wink, hearts on my loyalty cards, vast amounts of compliments… the occasional fling after closing time… 😉 . Continue reading “Me and the Juice”

Dreamin’ freedom… surreal or real?

28167781_983774535121459_3554665266174452609_n-copy (2)  I am an intense dreamer and I pay great attention to my dream experiences since they often would affect me in my waking state. I can go all day, still feeling the emotions I felt in the dream. After all so much more interesting stuff is happening there.

Sometimes my dreams are sensual, melancholic, sometimes very loving and emotional and other times, they are very horrible, scaring the hell out of me. I always analyse them in order to understand the message from my subconscious.

The most vivid dreams come to me early in the morning. This is the time when I often dream ’real’, when I see my pure state of mind, learn the truth about people, feel a deep emotion, a deep connection to a person, or when a great promotion idea comes to me. It really tells me what I need to know. I am connected to people on a much deeper level in my dream world. And I’m quite sure we indeed are out there somewhere, in a different dimension and indeed are connected deeper somehow. Continue reading “Dreamin’ freedom… surreal or real?”

Between the lines… is the writer! –

14370230_689027037929545_243202370168405458_n (2)          Writing, and particularly surreal writings or poetry, often reveal the dramatic past of the writer. Fiction is a safe ground, where the sincere artist can reveal secrets without anyone realising. Because most people just see or read what is right in front of them. Without further thought or insight. People tend to see life as two dimensional. It often takes another artist to see what a piece of work really is trying to say. What bitterness, confession or cry for help is really hiding behind those words or behind those scenes. I can see life as three dimensional. I don’t look at people’s self-styled surface, I look through them to the core… (which often is not a very cool thing actually.) Continue reading “Between the lines… is the writer! –”

Ravin’ mad! New creative poem ;-)

    Ravin’ mad! Ravin’ mad… oh what liberation! You know, wild girl, you walk the middle line, because you are nice and polite. Free spirited, you are no stranger to disapproval and gossip. They hurt, the stings of judgemental bullshit, they hurt you many times but oh, just you offend once with your nature; “oh you kinda crossed the line here, you’re a little too much, oh you walked a little too far, pushed beyond the social conduct code… just get back here, or else we don’t like you!” And you are civil and apologize, politely, you keep walking … Continue reading Ravin’ mad! New creative poem 😉

Everly Mine – another strong versed poem! <3

Everly Mine ’Wake up, wake up my little girl’ Grandma is gently stroking my hair ’Come and get ready, time to go to school Put on your blue skirt and new white boots’ School I hated, so much sadness there Yet the boys were shouting ’oh walk with me little princess with the pretty face Sweet girl with the long dark hair You’re so unusual, but I love your flair…’ Everly she walked with me Her world so dim yet no one would see Nobody cared about the bruises on her skin and nobody saw the sores that wept from … Continue reading Everly Mine – another strong versed poem! ❤

Melancholy – An artist’s best friend


(from an interview I did… one of those ole fashion magazines… and the Q comes up a lot so ;-))

I know melancholy so well, it has always been a part of me. Indeed I can feel really happy and melancholic at the same time… moving me like the soft flow of water. And I like it. I like to fall into the emotions triggered by sombre and dramatic music. A lot of my inspirations of course come from my surroundings. I love the rain, I love the fog, I love the mystery surrounding the old stone houses, the dark church towers, the green fields, soft misty hills, the raging sea on a windy and wet day… Melancholic images that feed the mind with deep and serious thoughts. I find it so sensual… Continue reading “Melancholy – An artist’s best friend”

Listen to your inner voice (and not necessarily to your parents or friends) :-P

next8 (2)  This is the most important thing you will ever learn; Trust your instincts! Your inner voice is the one that tells you what you truly want… and what you don’t want. Listening to your inner voice is the key to finding the answers you are looking for. All answers lie within because indeed the real inner us is connected to the ’great out there’… Source.  Continue reading “Listen to your inner voice (and not necessarily to your parents or friends) :-P”

A sarcastic short story about our cynical society. Girls! Read!

cropped-cropped-win_20181115_18_48_54_pro-2-3.jpg   The Last Thoughts Of Suzy Sue

Her day started like any other day this particular morning. Young Suzy Sue stood in front of the mirror… brushing her hair, putting on her make-up… getting ready for school just like any other morning… Mum was already downstairs waiting with breakfast. Now she is shouting from the kitchen, telling Suzy to hurry up, or otherwise she would be late for school. Her friend Steff had already arrived and she was waiting in the hall by the door, waiting for Suzy to come down. Suzy took a final look in the mirror before she hastily jumped down the stairs, and went into the kitchen to grab a quick bite from her sandwich before rushing out of the door… Continue reading “A sarcastic short story about our cynical society. Girls! Read!”