My new erotic poem/short story. It’s sexy intelligence indeed ;-)

// She’s Risky – the Night-time butterfly – // Friday night, I’m dressed to kill, as I enter that shady ole place down town, I dare call it my second home? Ah I love my secret life…why am I so mesmerized by them cheap red lights? Oh, let’s turn them low so that we can hide within. And become who we wanna be, the villains that reside inside, the roles that we seek to play. Hustlers or pranksters, outlaws or gangsters, but come on, no we all know what we truly are. And I’m out for the hunt, that risky … Continue reading My new erotic poem/short story. It’s sexy intelligence indeed 😉

The real reason people don’t want you to be alone! That’s right ;-)

People don’t want you to be alone. They don’t want you to be single either and eagerly push a partner on you. And this is not really because they don’t want you to be lonely, or unhappy… they really don’t care about that, no. People want you to be with someone because then you are less of a threat. Outch, that’s right.

When you are always walking, working and living with a group of people, or when you are ‘safely’ married, then there is someone there to keep you in place, to keep you distracted. You are more likely to do ‘normal’ things, and that makes you safe to the crowd. When you are alone a lot and/or live alone, you are so much more likely to do some serious thinking (or watch some nasty porn, either way…).

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I’ve got the best of both worlds, or perhaps the worst?? ;-)

I grew up in a classic and conservative home. Learned very good manners, learned etiquette. Received good education. Ironically, this went hand in hand with my environment outside. The dodgy underworld and red light district was very close by. Shady people went through my life and kept me good company. Not to forget that the streets of a big German city could be tough for a youngster to grow up in, and at night definitely could be rough. I love culture and old fashioned class. I learned the ways of being a lady… But I definitely learned the hard way … Continue reading I’ve got the best of both worlds, or perhaps the worst?? 😉

Good scents of life… why I love perfumes!


13775818_659066660925583_6944457823739083711_n       I just love, love perfumes… always did. I always had several different perfumes on my shelf, just to highlight the mood I felt at that moment. I had a hot sunny day perfume, a rainy day perfume, a wild, stormy mood perfume, a deep and sexy fragrance, or a light, playful scent, a melancholic mood perfume, which was a heavy, deep purple one, … or a spicy ‘adventure night out’ fragrance… My favorites then were called Temperance, Cannabis, Wild Roses and Beautiful Dream. I still remember exactly how they all smelled. I know what scents attract me and I know what doesn’t. Smells make me immediately feel certain emotions, remember things and happenings, they make me see visions of places I have not been to, yet.

Good smells are really important to me, they make me feel good, they make me feel alive. Thus I love sniffing roses, the smell of rain, the smell of the ocean, trees, grass, passing by the bakery, horses, yes they smell amazing too. I just love the strong smell of the countryside… you know, this blend of earth, straw and cow dung. Yes, some might find that very strange for an ehm, ‘elitist smellist’ like I am.      Continue reading “Good scents of life… why I love perfumes!”

The Moped – night-time thought

The Moped Each time at night when I hear a motorcycle or a moped outside in the streets somewhere in the distance…driving, passing… fading…it reminds me of my first memories. The first memories I’ve had. I remember lying in bed at night in the darkness with the window open during the hot summer nights… hearing the sound of a moped driving past while I lay there awake, lonely, so lonely. Scared and alone because I was alone. And the feeling never faded, I still have the same feeling inside, this memory when I lie at night alone…and hear this faint … Continue reading The Moped – night-time thought

Everly Mine – another strong versed poem! <3

Everly Mine ’Wake up, wake up my little girl’ Grandma is gently stroking my hair ’Come and get ready, time to go to school Put on your blue skirt and new white boots’ School I hated, so much sadness there Yet the boys were shouting ’oh walk with me little princess with the pretty face Sweet girl with the long dark hair You’re so unusual, but I love your flair…’ Everly she walked with me Her world so dim yet no one would see Nobody cared about the bruises on her skin and nobody saw the sores that wept from … Continue reading Everly Mine – another strong versed poem! ❤

Listen to your inner voice (and not necessarily to your parents or friends) :-P

next8 (2)  This is the most important thing you will ever learn; Trust your instincts! Your inner voice is the one that tells you what you truly want… and what you don’t want. Listening to your inner voice is the key to finding the answers you are looking for. All answers lie within because indeed the real inner us is connected to the ’great out there’… Source.  Continue reading “Listen to your inner voice (and not necessarily to your parents or friends) :-P”

A sarcastic short story about our cynical society. Girls! Read!

cropped-cropped-win_20181115_18_48_54_pro-2-3.jpg   The Last Thoughts Of Suzy Sue

Her day started like any other day this particular morning. Young Suzy Sue stood in front of the mirror… brushing her hair, putting on her make-up… getting ready for school just like any other morning… Mum was already downstairs waiting with breakfast. Now she is shouting from the kitchen, telling Suzy to hurry up, or otherwise she would be late for school. Her friend Steff had already arrived and she was waiting in the hall by the door, waiting for Suzy to come down. Suzy took a final look in the mirror before she hastily jumped down the stairs, and went into the kitchen to grab a quick bite from her sandwich before rushing out of the door… Continue reading “A sarcastic short story about our cynical society. Girls! Read!”

Some night-time thoughts about… trains :-)


Trains… they give me a certain feeling… memories, associations… they bring me back to my childhood. The swishing sound of a passing train in the distance… coming and fading again, at night when all is quiet and you listen to the silence. As I so often did. Thinking, imagining, wondering about those that take the journey at night, from one place to another. There is something about trains, the speed, the hypnotic beat, the echo… leaving me with emotions, visions, longings.. and the wish to be somewhere else. Continue reading “Some night-time thoughts about… trains :-)”