excerpt from: ‘The Deadly Construction’, book by Miss A. Mey


The girl panicked and started to scream as loud as she could… making the most pitiful, howling sounds that could escape her closed lips. She fought as hard as she could to liberate her limbs from this bondage, but no matter how hard she pulled at those ropes, she could not free herself.

Amanda was crying. The desperation, and the awful thoughts in her head became unbearable. She wanted out of here, out, out, out! ’This isn’t happening’, she told herself repeatedly, ’this is just a bad dream, or a sick joke, right… this can’t be happening to me…’ She simply could not be a victim of some psycho, no, no, no, not her! Continue reading “excerpt from: ‘The Deadly Construction’, book by Miss A. Mey”

A sarcastic short story about our cynical society. Girls! Read!

cropped-cropped-win_20181115_18_48_54_pro-2-3.jpg   The Last Thoughts Of Suzy Sue

Her day started like any other day this particular morning. Young Suzy Sue stood in front of the mirror… brushing her hair, putting on her make-up… getting ready for school just like any other morning… Mum was already downstairs waiting with breakfast. Now she is shouting from the kitchen, telling Suzy to hurry up, or otherwise she would be late for school. Her friend Steff had already arrived and she was waiting in the hall by the door, waiting for Suzy to come down. Suzy took a final look in the mirror before she hastily jumped down the stairs, and went into the kitchen to grab a quick bite from her sandwich before rushing out of the door… Continue reading “A sarcastic short story about our cynical society. Girls! Read!”