For one night….


Converted_file_e2e4739f          To dream at night is amazing. It gives you the chance to re-unite with the way things used to be, for one night. It gives you the chance to return to the place when you were young, reliving the times of your childhood. It gives you the chance to re-unite with your loved ones, the ones no longer here. For one night they come back to life, they speak to you and share a story with you that feels so real, so comforting and yet so sad. I suddenly am a child again and I see my brothers when they were little. And it is so nice to be able to re-live those times, being able to remember them again. Continue reading “For one night….”

“When I get lost” – poetic writing


” When I Get Lost” (c) missAmey – shesRisky

I had a dream last night and somewhere within it, I got lost. There was so much truth and so much love, there, where I have been… that I left myself behind. And I woke up to this strange floaty, emotional and beautiful music that was playing somewhere outside by my house and I opened my eyes. I noticed that it was a grey and dark day, an atmosphere that was so otherworldy and I realised that I was in some kind of strange inbetween state. And the day was just unreal, as I was trapped in my own world unable to get out. And with a distance and a certain kind of melancholy, I would go through the day, unable to get out. And I walk the busy Saturday morning streets, alone, and somehow totally non-existing, like I am a ghost. Continue reading ““When I get lost” – poetic writing”