I experience, and then I write about it

I experience, and then I write about it. I need to dive deep down into the bad, the dark , the ugly places and feel the rush, the low, the high, the pain… to make it real, to make it authentic. I know luxury and I know the dirty, cold streets. So that I can tell the tale; bits and pieces of what I know to be true, experience in my own world. Ok, some things I have dreamt… stories made by my amazing sensual dreams and nightmares… but hey, that is real too, it is just intense experiences in … Continue reading I experience, and then I write about it

“When I get lost” – poetic writing


” When I Get Lost” (c) missAmey – shesRisky

I had a dream last night and somewhere within it, I got lost. There was so much truth and so much love, there, where I have been… that I left myself behind. And I woke up to this strange floaty, emotional and beautiful music that was playing somewhere outside by my house and I opened my eyes. I noticed that it was a grey and dark day, an atmosphere that was so otherworldy and I realised that I was in some kind of strange inbetween state. And the day was just unreal, as I was trapped in my own world unable to get out. And with a distance and a certain kind of melancholy, I would go through the day, unable to get out. And I walk the busy Saturday morning streets, alone, and somehow totally non-existing, like I am a ghost. Continue reading ““When I get lost” – poetic writing”