I’ve got the best of both worlds, or perhaps the worst?? ;-)

I grew up in a classic and conservative home. Learned very good manners, learned etiquette. Received good education. Ironically, this went hand in hand with my environment outside. The dodgy underworld and red light district was very close by. Shady people went through my life and kept me good company. Not to forget that the streets of a big German city could be tough for a youngster to grow up in, and at night definitely could be rough. I love culture and old fashioned class. I learned the ways of being a lady… But I definitely learned the hard way … Continue reading I’ve got the best of both worlds, or perhaps the worst?? 😉

Life down town ;-)

   Two kinds that are obsessed with murder; those committing them and those who write about them… novelists, yes. Gangster, mobster… red-light fascination… Business, legit or shady… How thin is the line really? 😉 Oh, I’m off to have coffee with a weapon dealer this morning…  curiosity, or business… who knows…  😛 #moments, #urbansavage #lifeontheedge Continue reading Life down town 😉

Be like animals…

new risky01 (2) (6) (1)  I always felt close to animals. Being around them just makes me happy and at peace. The stable is my place of calm. I was a crazy horse girl growing up and had some amazingly deep experiences. Particularly with my lovely race-horse ‘My Rosy’. A sad, damaged young mare which I brought back to life.

I appreciate the humblest contact, watching a bird that sits by my window, curiously peeking in, seeing rabbits on the lawn, a deer, foxes, badgers… ok no, badgers can be nasty little f*ckers :-P. But I even can communicate with fish in tanks and crabs on the beach (uhm, people think I’m crazy when I do that but..). Indeed I feel a soul connection to animals. They don’t need any limiting ideologies. They do not need to suppress their instincts and impulses. They can simply be, just be alive and live for the moment. Animals vibrate on the earth’s own frequency. They can see the real me.
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