• A nomad spirit on a never ending journey, I found the kindness of strangers where ever I went. To travel means to evolve –

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I am inspired by aesthetic black & white photography, photos of everyday moments in the city, photos of sexy and beautiful people and I love old houses. I can walk for hours in old beautiful cities and take photos of atmospheric buildings. And of course, I am a real nomad at heart, driving on the open road, train rides, hotels…  and the hot sandy beach is my home. I loove Lana Del Rey’s songs and visuals… her badass, sexy, self-destructive lyrics are my life story and I love it. Just ride… ❤ 🙂

I am used to seeing bizarre, hillarious and supernatural things on a regular basis, but this is also because I can see so much more in the little things. I think it’s so sad that so many people go through life to never experience this; to sense the energy around them, deaf to the sounds, blind to the beauty, unaware of the strange events surrounding us. Sometimes I make these obscure observances and I look around into the crowd but the humans are completely oblivious to what’s going on around them. (And no, I’m not tripping or anything. )

I also am inspired by dark urban decay/ erotic shots, and I plan to do more mad Villain Love style video clips.

Apparently polaroids are making a come back and, omg, that would be so cool. I will get one. I really hope to see art back on the streets. Real prints, photo books, canvas on walls, where people can just observe the atmosphere, without any image being spoiled (and models judged) by unpleasant morons that spread their poison in online comment sections.